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Business Concepts
Creating a business concept is the process of converting a business idea into reality. First, the idea is clarified by interpretation into words, numbers and graphics. Once clarified, the idea is analyzed, assessed, planned, financed, built and put into operation.
New ABC works with ideas of clients or offers access to its portfolio containing numerous examples of innovative business concepts.


Having access to the resources of the Global Leader in Hotel, Tourism and Leisure Consulting means that the clients of New ABC benefit from the best services available. Experienced experts with track records are available for a size or type of project within the scope of New ABC.


Search & Selection
If you are looking for valuable brands, you are in the right place.
We search for the most suitable brand, with or without an operator for your hotel, restaurant or shopping mall. If you are looking for brands, we introduce franchisors or brand operators.


Feasibility Study
All investors have the following common interests: How secure is the investment, how feasible is it to get a good return on the investment in the projected timeframe and how realistic is it for the project to be successful.

A feasibility study includes a detailed description of how the operation at the project works and how the presented financial results have been compiled. The investor will perform a due diligence exercise on these numbers and have them verified by various professional sources. This is why a thorough feasibility study is necessary.
The following three factors are the supporting pillars in any feasibility study:

  • The business concept is clear and understandable
  • The operational and financial projections are realistic
  • The forecasts are achievable and the revenue and cost are based on reproducible and traceable facts.

Feasibility studies by New ABC are performed in co-operation with Horwath HTL, the top expert organization in this field. Studies endorsed by Horwath HTL are bankable, hence a helpful tool in attracting investors.


The financing of projects is one of the most desired requirements in Iran.
New ABC offers these services providing the client submits a feasibility study, a full business plan and a detailed financial forecast for 5 years. These three key elements are pre-requisites for us to approach and attract investors.
Documents produced by the client are subject to assessment and approval by New ABC before they are presented to investors. Clients who do not have the required documentation available or are not able to produce them, may request New ABC to assist.


Financial Projection
Financial projections are produced so the company’s management, shareholders and investors can understand how the funds entrusted to the company are used and how profits are generated.
When compiling a financial projection, the numbers used must be realistic and verifiable.
Financial projections are required to be made for 5 years ahead and contain:
The initial investment budget, funding details, a beginning balance sheet, if the business is already in operation, a historic profit and loss statement, personnel plan, income statement (p&l), cash flow forecast, balance sheet projection, ROA/ROE/SGR analysis, break-even analysis, what-if analysis, sensitivity analysis, revenue analysis, line of credit scenario, profitability ratios, liquidity ratios, solvency ratios, Z-score bankruptcy prediction model, operating cash flow & free cash flow statements.
Loan Capacity Ratios: Static ratios-proportion between balance sheet items; dynamic ratios-proportions between profit & loss items, and a combination between static/dynamic ratios.
Financial summary, overdraft scenario, executive dashboard.


Business Plan
The business plan serves as a roadmap for the company to reach the business goals set by the management. The plan can be described as a mechanical design, defining the function of the business.
Key elements are


Executive Summary
A condensed summary of the business plan contents. Includes company background, market opportunity, management overviews, competitive advantages, and financial highlights.


Business Description and Structure
Describes why this business is of value and what the company is selling, the manufacturing process if products are manufactured, availability of materials, how to handle inventory and fulfilment, as well as other operational details. Description of services provided with their value proposition to customers. Strategic relationships, administrative issues, intellectual property issues, expenses, and the legal structure of the company.


Management and Personnel 
Provides bios of the company executives and managers and explain how their expertise will help to meet business goals. Investors need to evaluate risk, and often, a management team with lots of experience may lower perceived risk.


Market Research and Strategies 
Spells out the market analysis and describes the marketing strategy, including sales forecasts, deadlines and milestones, advertising, public relations and the advantages of the company compared to the competition.
It also provides information about the customer profiles, the core target market and related market segments.


Sales Strategy
Describes how sales and profits are generated. The detailed explanation of an effective pricing strategy is fundamental information for the functionality of the company and for investors.


Financial Projections
Summary of the Financial Plan with results and a description how revenue growth and profits are generated.


Funding Requirements
Summary of pre-opening costs, acquisition of a building or land, investments in machines and material. Start-up funding includes higher marketing cost and possible losses at the beginning of a business. A cash flow projection should be added here.


Interior Design
New ABC offers the planning of an interior design with floor layouts in AutoCAD, visual renderings design in 3D-Max and procurement with experienced staff from Europe and the Middle East.


Technical Planning
Deals with technical plans back-of-the-house like MEP and HVAC, technical equipment, security set-up, kitchen layout and lighting.


Operating Standards
Standardizing operating procedures and manifest them in an easy to use manual for employees ensures that customers receive what they have been promised. Employees have a clear understanding of what is expected of them and how to achieve the goals set by the company.


Project Management
Careful planning is the key to the successful delivery of a project and can save a lot of money to the developer. Our experts use the best and up-to-date project planning and management software on the market.
New ABC assists the project stakeholder in the negotiations with suppliers and contractors and supervises or manages the project.


Employee Training
Depending on the requirements, training for hotel, tourism and leisure companies are performed in co-operation with the Modul University Vienna, under the umbrella of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

We offer
Analysis of job descriptions, job specifications and employee structure.
Proven generic training modules for management and staff, such as basic training for all hotel departments; customer relations; management methods; financial controlling;
Company-specific training for management.


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